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Paramo Zefira Women's Windproof Jacket
Paramo Zefira Women's Windproof Jacket
Paramo Zefira Women's Windproof Jacket

Paramo Zefira Women's Windproof Jacket


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The Zefira Jacket is for women who enjoy outdoor activities all year.

If you are out walking in summer, you need something breathable to protect you from wind and light showers, without making you overheat. In winter you need more rain resistance and insulation, which normally would require buying an additional winter jacket.

The Zefira Windproof Jacket provides wind and water resistant protection in the warmer months. The same jacket is designed to combine with the Zefira Fleece to create a warm waterproof system for winter.


The Zefira Windproof Jacket has zoned Pump Liner® for greater protection, hand warming pockets, and a design that perfectly complements the Zefira Fleece.

  • Extra rain protection in the areas of highest impact from zoned Pump Liner® in the hood and across the shoulders.
  • Safe, secure storage provided by two handwarming pockets.
  • Specifically designed to be compatible with the Zefira Fleece. Together these two garments create a versatile waterproof system.


Nikwax Analogy Windproof Fabric

Nikwax® Windproof cuts windchill and protects your insulation but still provides excellent moisture vapour transfer, allowing your perspiration to escape. The fabric is light but very durable and UV resistant so providing excellent protection in all environments. The use of Analogy Pump Liner in this garment across the hood and shoulders provides excellent watershedding and weather protection.

If you maintain it with Nikwax waterproofing products, it will also deflect the rain. It can be worn alone, or combined with Nikwax Fleece to create a fully directional waterproof system, equivalent to an Analogy waterproof.