Primus Klunken Single-Wall Stainless Steel Bottle - 0.7 L

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By Primus

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The Klunken Bottles from Primus are the result of Primus’ collaboration with Fjallraven to answer a basic and recurring need - a water bottle that fits perfectly in the side pocket of your beloved Kanken backpack.

Sized and coloured perfectly to match you Kanken backpack or just a simple, stylish bottle in its own right!

Featuring a single-wall design, this bottle is light- weight and well-suited for keeping hydrated at  school, the office, or while traveling. Food grade  stainless steel is easy-to-clean and doesn’t impart  flavours. The powder coated finish comes in eight  different colours to match your Kanken backpack. A stylish cork stopper, attached with Kanken webbing, seals the bottle when you're on the go.

Made for your everyday needs, these food grade 18/8 stainless steel bottles are extra durable and won’t pick up or give off any flavours. The cork top lid is attached to colour-matched webbing, making this sleek bottle easy to grab or carry on it’s own.

Designed to slip into your Kanken side pocket or simply carried by the strap, the Klunken Bottles meet the needs of everyday explorers thirsting for new adventures.

  • Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel that doesn’t impart or retain flavour
  • Powder coated surface offers excellent grip
  • Screw top lid with cork finish and colour-matched webbing
  • Streamlined design for easier handling that slides a Kanken backpack side pocket
  • Large mouth opening is easy to fill and clean


Weight175 g

Volume0.7 l 

Height21.5 cm

Diameter6.5 cm