Unisex French Breton Smock - Mousqueton Cachou Fisherman's Smock

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The Cachou smock is a typical Breton fishermen garment, re-imagined by Mousqueton who have revisited the famous canvas smock.

Comfortable and practical with its two interior pockets, it is simple and yet so symbolic. 

Using Heavier 100% cotton/canvas the cloth is windproof and showerproof thanks to an applied wax - that is imperceptible to the eye or touch. After washing out, the wax can be reapplied and we recommend Fjallraven Greenland Wax - see here.

The detailing of the Unisex Cachou smock is well thought through, with a neck button and 2 pockets placed inside rather than outside - so that they don't catch on work gear or fill up with wood shavings, gardeners soil or whatever else you may be working on!

One of our best sellers. Note, colours can vary slightly between batches and may appear slightly different from the photos. If you are focussed on a very specific colour shade, we strongly recommend you view the item in person prior to ordering.

Pit to Pit sizing in inches

XS – 21

S – 22

M – 23

L – 24

XL – 25

XXL – 26

XXXL – 27